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How Professional Removalists Make It Easy To Move Heavy Furniture

Moving can be extremely overwhelming. Yes, it brings a lot of excitement. But you may deal with many struggles when it comes to moving to a new place. Moving does not only bring the constant fear of change, but people also fear packing their belongings; this can be extremely time-consuming. Additionally, the main question that arises when you shift your furniture is how to move heavy furniture.

People always wonder how professionals do it. Professional movers have specialized training and extensive knowledge, which enable them to move furniture with expertise. Their expertise reduces the possibility of harm or damage by enabling them to negotiate obstacles with effectiveness. Dollies, harnesses, and protective padding are just a few of the tools and methods removalists use for safe furniture removal. Well, there are a lot of tricks that professionals follow to make moving heavy furniture easy for them. Today, we will disclose all the secrets of professional removalists one by one.

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how to move heavy furniture

Challenges With Moving Heavy Furniture

  • Moving heavy furniture poses the risk of physical strain and injury.
  • Improper handling techniques can also lead to damage to both furniture and property.
  • Without the appropriate equipment and expertise, navigating tight spaces and negotiating obstacles becomes daunting.
  • To settle into new spaces, furniture assembly can be a big challenge.
  • Carry heavy furniture manually from downstairs to upstairs.

Professional removalists deal with these risks by using specialized techniques and equipment, ensuring safe handling and transportation. So, continue your reading if you also wonder about how to move heavy furniture.

How To Move Heavy Furniture?

Expert movers or removalists have years of experience, and they know how to move heavy furniture. There are lots of methods and unique tools, professionals use in furniture removal.

Move Heavy Furniture

  • Sliders To The Rescue

    A removalist uses different sizes of sliders if clients have carpeted floors. They lift one corner of your furniture and keep it on the slider. The friction makes it easier for them to move that piece of furniture from indoors to outdoors safely & efficiently.

  • Shoulder Dollies For Help

    Removalists also use shoulder dollies. These can carry a good amount of weight. Therefore, shoulder dollies are used to put the tension of the weight lifting on the upper body. Shoulder dollies look like lifting straps. However, furniture cannot be moved from downstairs to upstairs or vice versa with shoulder dollies. They are only useful for moving furniture from one location to another.

  • Moving Blankets As A Saviour

    Sliders can still be risky for delicate pieces of furniture. Therefore, removalists sometimes use moving blankets to ensure the safety of the furniture. Removalists lift the piece of furniture and safely put it on the moving blanket. The best advantage of moving blankets is that they can also be used to move furniture from upstairs to downstairs. However, it needs to be done by professionals for safety concerns.

  • Highly-Efficient Moving Dollies Are Also Used

    The highly professional removalists use moving dollies to move the furniture. Dollies are like a trolly with wheels. They come in different sizes, and the wheels make it extremely easy to move the furniture from one place to another. Additionally, the metal structure of the dolly makes it a safer way to move heavy furniture.

  • Manual Tricks To Move Heavy Furniture

    Removalists have a trick that they always follow while lifting and moving heavy pieces of furniture. What they do is get two people involved. One person holds the bottom of the furniture, and the other one holds the top of the furniture. Additionally, they make sure that they use their core and legs to lift the weight instead of the back. When you put the pressure of weight lifting on your back, it hurts you severely. Professional removalists bend a little from the hips while lifting the weight so that they do not injure their backs.


To reduce risks and ensure heavy furniture moves without accidents and damage, you can apply the above-given ideas used by professional removalists during the moving process. You should put your health and the security of your possessions first when planning your next move. For a stress-free move, pick expert removalists as the wise decision for your heavy future relocation.