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Packing Tips

One of the most difficult tasks of moving home is packing. At the time of planning how to do packing, a smart way is first to collect the moving supplies you’ll require. After that, go room-by-room systematically until the packing is done. Follow Best Movers Adelaide packing checklist for moving home to make the process stress-free. Just in case you need extra professional help, our expert home movers will help.

Common Packing And Moving Tips

The most crucial part of moving is packing. However, categorizing items based on general functions and usage, makes it comfortable to keep a record of your goods. Moreover, you can easily track your belongings during the transportation and unpacking stage at your new home. So, let’s check out few easy packing tips:

Pack Similar Items Together: Begin packing each box by padding it – you may use newspapers, blankets, towels and bubble wrap, etc. Later, keep the heaviest item in the box.
A Separate Box For Essentials: Some must-have stuff like- hammers, screwdrivers, drinks, snacks, paper plates, a first aid kit, and medicines, etc.
Labeling: Do not miss to label each box by writing its content on it.
Avoid Filling Boxes To The Brim: Not only it helps in refraining boxes from becoming heavy but also decreases the probability that they might break during transport.


    Start By Collecting Your Moving Supplies

    To do a successful move, you will need these moving supplies:

    Boxes: There are several options available to find affordable and free moving boxes. Ensure gathering a variety of boxes to do safe and easy packing.
    Dolly: Carrying filled boxes between spaces becomes difficult and could make it drop. In order to avoid them from dropping, hire a dolly or a moving service provider who makes it easier.
    Bubble Wrap: Bubble wraps keep your belongings safe during the transportation process. Moreover, you can purchase it at department stores or office supply shops. Also, it is inexpensive there.

    How To Pack Room By Room For Moving Homes

    Begin with building an inventory of the items you want to take. Try doing this room-wise – it will help you to assemble faster and keep a record of your valuable belongings. After this, collect moving supplies like moving and packing boxes, blankets and padding tape, etc. Basically, it includes everything to protect the items during transit.

    At last, mark your moving boxes so that you exactly know where they will go in your new house. On the sides and top of your boxes write- name, inside contents, and whether the good is delicate or not. For instance- “kitchen /crockery set / delicate”

    Let’s Discuss Some Important Room-by-Room Packing Tips


    ➹ Store refrigerated items in coolers with ice cubes.
    ➹ Defrost your fridge 2 days before the moving day.
    ➹ Wrap fragile utensils in bubble wraps.
    ➹ Pack small kitchen appliances
    ➹ Pack dry goods together
    ➹ Also, ensure using sectioned boxes for glasses

    Living Room

    ➹ Twice wrap your electronic goods with bubble wraps
    ➹ Keep bigger furniture in moving truck first
    ➹ Roll up your carpets
    ➹ Pack all books, DVDs and CDs in a box
    ➹ Remove light bulbs from the room before moving
    ➹ Wrap the mirror and wall paintings in a blanket or bubble wrap


    ➹ Pack up the clothes in laundry hampers or boxes
    ➹ Use a mattress bag to protect your mattress
    ➹ Keep the formal wear in wardrobe boxes
    ➹ Store your pillows and beddings in laundry hampers
    ➹ Organize and store your jewellery in safe boxes


    ➹ Pack toiletries in storage bins or boxes
    ➹ Store all shower curtains, towels and bathing mats either in laundry hampers or trash bags

    Dining Room

    ➹ Rollup the dining rugs
    ➹ Safe your kitchen tabletop by wrapping it
    ➹ If possible, disassemble all tables and chairs
    ➹ Bubble wrap the decorative items

    Gaming Room

    ➹ Secure all gaming electronics in bubble wrap
    ➹ Cover your gaming tables with thick blankets
    ➹ Ensuring tapping electric chords of playing station

    Laundry Room

    ➹ Power cords of each appliance should be taped well
    ➹ Disconnect the washing hose and dryer vent
    ➹ Additionally, do not forget to unplug the dryer and washer
    ➹ Throw away used washing powders and detergents

    House Gym 

    ➹ Sanitize and clean your gym equipment
    ➹ Secure weights with a bubble wrap
    ➹ If possible, disassemble and fold gym machines
    ➹ Also, wrap bigger machines with thick layered blankets
    ➹ Ensure packing weights in smaller and multiple boxes

    Home Office Room

    ➹ Disconnect all wires and cables
    ➹ Make a backup of your documents and files
    ➹ Separately wrap the keyboard, webcam, and mouse
    ➹ If possible, disassemble your office chair and table
    ➹ Detach the monitor from its computer stand

    Packing Tips

    Store Unit Or Garage

    ➹ Ensure storing outdoor cushions in boxes or trash bags
    ➹ Dispose of the spilling materials like paints and fertilizers.
    ➹ Wipe off the dust of outdoor furniture before loading it into the truck
    ➹ Drain anything that needs gas before moving it on the truck
    ➹ Also, deflate all your pool stuff

    Additional Essential Packing Tips And Tricks

    ➚ Avoid over-packing boxes. As heavy boxed items may break. So, it’s better not to risk damaging your essentials.
    ➚ Store a valuable box filled with toiletries, clothes, snacks, medicines and water. Also, keep this box close to you throughout the move.
    ➚ Inform your moving company ahead of time in case you are moving huge goods like- hot tub, treadmill or pool table, etc.
    ➚ Make a moving inventory that lists all of your goods, their value and whatever the box has.
    ➚ Pack all your decorative items separately. For example- table lamps, artwork and pictures, etc.
    ➚ Ensuring removing legs of your disassemblable furniture like- table and chairs. Because it helps in increasing moving space.

    Looking For A Packing And Moving Expert Company?

    When planning how to pack for the move, you will need to buy a lot of items. Like boxes, blankets, tapes, hiring a moving truck and many more. Burying all such moving stuff isn’t easy. Moreover, it turns out expensive when you move by yourself. There, Best Movers Adelaide offers home packers and movers for you. We have licensed movers, who not only pack your stuff but also transit it to the new place. Furthermore, our packing and moving service come at a reasonable price. So, let’s get in touch today! We are active 24 by 7 at 0450 606 563.