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Can I move food articles?

Best Movers Adelaide provides food packaging services but for smaller distance and less duration relocation moves. We move foods if you have to relocate somewhere nearby and if your relocation process can be completed the same day.

Can I move household plants and pots?

If your move is for a small distance, Best Movers Adelaide can support in moving your plants and pots. For moves over longer distances and interstate relocation ventures, we avoid plant and pot moves. Long moves can stress out the plants due to lack of sunlight and moisture and many region does not permits plant imports. Even […]

How Best Movers Adelaide moves appliances?

Be it your electrical appliances or IT accessories and peripherals, Best Movers Adelaide has a team of trained, certified and skilled technicians who can very efficiently decommission your appliances from your current place and reinstall them at your new place without harming their build or functionality.

Can I pack my own goods?

Best Movers Adelaide provides complete flexibility to its customers in providing the services. You can surely pack your goods but that will not be covered under the insurance scheme we provide.

What paper works should I go through to avail your services?

Best Movers Adelaide maintains a proper documentation regime before catering services to its customers. It is beneficial for both the ends. You have to enter into an agreement to give us the contract to provide you removal service. There are insurance paper works, which gives assurance to the safety of your goods at the time of their […]

What you do with bulky goods?

Best Movers Adelaide uses modern equipment and techniques during your packaging, transit and unpacking of your goods. We also have specialized team of technicians who can efficiently dismantle your bulky good from your current location and reassemble those at your new location according to your choice of arrangement.